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Saturday Training

Posted by Trevor Farmer
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Sat, 05/12/2020

Crew gathered to run CRM & CQM work,  with MOSS drills

Activities took place in the outer enmd oif the main naviugation channel to take advantage of a short chop and some breaking waves and rollers at the bar

CRM for helm/nav/deck work

CQM manoauvreing and poicking up dan buoy MOB targets and working drift/time

MOSS medical with a review of CPR, Burns, Asthma, Diabetic, Trauma.

Walk through new FIRE drill using extnguishers, Fire/Salvage pump run up. Collision, grounding, MOB, structural breach, capsize, loss power/steering, medical, abandon ship


MR1 took debris into Jet Unit, limped home

6 people
Total Volunteer Hours: 

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