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Coastguard New Zealand membership can be broken into 2 distinct categories, Supporter Members and Active Members. Nationally Coastguard has approximately 1,800 active volunteer members and over 12,000 supporter members.

Supporter Member

Having a problem on the water can be a hassle but with a Coastguard Membership you’ve got peace of mind every time you hit the water knowing we’ve got your back.

No matter if you break down, get a flat battery, or are out with the family when one of the kids get sick, rest assured one of our rescue vessels, crewed by our trained volunteers, will turn up and do all they can to get you home in one piece, free of charge.

Your Coastguard Membership means we’re here to help when you need us on the water, and help you get the best out of your boating safely with a whole range of safety and information benefits.

From a simple jump start to a full blown emergency, we’re your best mates out on the water. Coastguard. Boatie’s Best Mate.

To join online you can go to the following link... make sure you select "Support your Coastguard unit" and choose Mana.

For more details on mermbership options and fees, other ways to join, etc please see:

Active Volunteer

An active volunteer is a person who belongs to a local Unit and assists with the running of that Unit. An active volunteer can be a crew member who will learn the skills required to assist as a crew member or a skipper on a Coastguard rescue vessel. Other roles include Radio Operator, Engineering or Committee Member. A committee role can include general organisation, fundraising and media responsibilities or training and safety responsibilities. Every one has a strength in a particular area and an active volunteer can contribute to the Coastguard in a variety of ways.

The dedication of an active volunteer is rewarded by the new friendships formed not only with other members but also with the people whose lives are saved by the amazing job that our active volunteers perform.

For more information on what volunteering entails and to sign up please see the volunteer page.

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