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Training the trainer

Posted by Mark Presling
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Mon, 18/03/2019

Kate ran two training sessions for new volunteers as part of her Instructor training. FIrst of all, she ran them through a vessel startup/familiarisation session to get them familiar with getting the vessel ready to go to sea and familiarise them with all the safety systems. 

She then ran them through a second session of Stop, Asses, Plan (SAP) by approaching multiple vessels that were moored up in the channel and running the inductees through the process of identifying hazards and key items/considerations when approaching another vessel as part of a rescue operation.

While she was running these sessions she was being observed herself as part of her own assessment.

Once these sessions were complete the Master took charge and ran the crew through basic principles of search techniques/patterns. He had the crew plan and execute the following 3 search patterns:

  1. Sector 
  2. Expanding box 
  3. Creeping line ahead (or Parallel)

These were all executed excellently by the crew, with exceptional closed-loop communications between the navigator and helmsman making the process run very smoothly. 

7 people
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