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Dual crew training session (Sunday MR1, MR2 Plimmerton Midwinter swim day)

Posted by Trevor Farmer
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Sun, 24/06/2018

two crews completed practical training after completing the towing theory module last Tuesday evening

Alongside the berth; towing checklist, tow safety, crew positions, command structure, access and laying out the main MR1 towline. bending on a messenger.

Communicating with the disabled  vessel and setting a safe working state, throwing the messenger, hook on and running out a tow line.

Bringing up a vessel on tow, relative vessel positions to set up an alongside tow, establishing the bow line and power spring, setting up the sternline and brake spring. and associated cast off.

MR1 and MR2 then went into Onepoto harbour to practise coming alongside, establishing vessel to vessel contact, transfering a crew member and stores before completing a series of safety drills in the Marine Operator Safety System

(Man overboard, Fire, Lost propulsion, Abandon ship)

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