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Operations based training session, taking a NZ Metservice observation buoy to Fishermans Rock

Posted by Trevor Farmer
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Tue, 08/11/2016

MR1 dropped an NZ Metservice current buoy at Fishermans Rock just after slack tide, Met service get hourly updates from the buoy and can plot the bvuoys track and speed.

During passage trainee crew tracked opur passage using a chart and transit lines to determine when we would be on station at Fishermans.  Pass age notes were kept for the return journey

MOSS drills completed, Fire (2), sick/ill/injury (1) MOB (1)

Tested: Observation techniques, CRM with return feedback, Target clock points, distance, description. Trainnees were placed on the hem for general experieince on the return passage.

A pod of dolphins were sighted on West of Mana Island.

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