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CRV familiarisation on MR1

Posted by Weedoogie
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Tue, 01/11/2016

A small but dedicated crew did some in depth checking of all of the hidey holes and lockers on MR1, checked to grab bag contents and checked the charts. Notices to Mariners corrections applied to Kapiti Island charts. The anchor was laid out and checked 20 m of chain and 70m of rope marked with red tags  1 for every 10m 50 m marked with a blue tag so 60m was 1 blue and 1 red and so on.

Anchor stowed and spare anchor freed up to be available . The stretcher was located and assembled. The tools were checked, documented and oiled where neccesary. The body recovery stuff was checked and restowed with the 1st aid gear. 

the crew then helper with tidying up the new shed before a debrief.

5 people
Total Volunteer Hours: 

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