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MOSS emergency drills and seamanship

Posted by Trevor Farmer
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Sun, 09/10/2016

crew gathered to run through a training plan that included the practical application of crew resource management (CRM).

CRM is an important part of crew training and is the basis of how we work effectively and safely as a team. Todays training was about getting the induction crew to use the process while running through a number of routine processes (getting MR1 safe and ready for sea) and the practical application of  our emergency drills, Medical, Loss of propulsion

We then went onto practical skills in anchoring and establishing cross transits for anchor watch.

We then exercised helm skills and station keeping for our helm person with a range of activities based around the Man Overboard drill.  Returned to base with some close quarter manouvres on the fuel berth and reversing into berth space at the Mana Cruising Club

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