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Sunday training, passage making, close to shore navigation

Posted by Trevor Farmer
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Sun, 31/01/2016

MR1 voyaged down to Makara and Ohau point with the navigator using chart plotter and radar to describe the characteritics of the area and radar to maintain a safe distance off of 300 metres

A lot of small boats were out in the bays south of Porirua with a suprising number of boats either side of makara including a bunch of canoeists.

The voage was a test of fuel burn V speed as well one of navigation and helm control of speed and control

MR1 was kept on the plane with a speed of around 20 knots increasing to 30 in parts.  Fuel burn 46 litres per hour for the 3 hr journey. sea conditions were good with a slight chop and little wind

An hour was spent at the end of the session refueling and some practise berthing


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