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Sunday training

Posted by Mark Presling
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Sun, 28/04/2013

Today's training session involved some highly technical static tow setups on CRV Trust Porirua Rescue. We approached the pole moorings under the bridge, which are only 5m from the breakwall, bow-on and attached our main towline to the end pole. We then had to back off and pivot around, running the towline to the stern and attaching it to the tow post. We then began to "tow" the post.

The technical aspect of this was that there was a strong current running in through the channel and 20 knots of wind. This made it very difficult for the helmsman to maintain the correct position and not get blown/swept off into a position where the current/wind is comprimising the tow. As there is very limited room in the channel between the moored boats and the sea wall it is critical that control is maintained while attached to a fixed pole by a tow line that cannot be released.

This task was also repeated at the mooring outside the bar at Shelly Bay.

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