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Helm Training Program

Posted by Mark Presling
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Sun, 03/02/2013

Practising and perfecting the procedure for coming alongside/berthing at the fuel berth. Helmsperson must approach at a suitable angle, allowing for the drift of the wind, use the engines to stop the vessel and pull the stern onto the jetty in one movement without bouncing or rubbing.

Entering an empty marina berth and holding position for as long as possible until the wind takes hold. Helmsperson must exit again without touching anything.

Doing a practical exercise on the pole moorings that tests the helmsperson, bowman, sternman, and the communication between all three. The exercise is to approach the first pole, attach a bowline, swing the vessel around the pole on that rope, bowman eases the line until the sternman can get the stern line on the next pole, etc. Today we had a strong incoming tide and 10knots of wind to add complexity to the helmsmans maneouvring which put the inter-crew communication to the test.

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