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Tuesday night training

Posted by Mark Presling
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Tue, 08/11/2011

TPR went out on the water and was directed by a team at the base to navigate to various waypoints (via a safe route) to test/train for the following things:

  • radio communications

  • plotting waypoints on the chart

  • calculating magnetic bearings from one waypoint to the next

  • calculating range and time to travel

  • relaying waypoints, bearings, distances and time between the base and the vessel to navigate the to it's intended search area

  • boat handling in moderate seas

  • navigating in poor visibility (at times the vessel could not see land in any direction due to low cloud)

  • calculating tide height across the bar

  • preparing a stretcher and equipment to transfer an injured patient from the vessel to land

Both the vessel crew and IMT (Incident Management Team) at the base were pushed with multiple requests and performed exceptionally well under pressure.

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