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Protector refuelling and crew training

Posted by Trevor Farmer
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Thu, 21/04/2011

A small team met the the North Fuels truck at the lift out dock and put the refuelling SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) into action.  This is a very important part of the operational process and any refuelling must be carried out according to the SOP and the refuelling procedure process which has been agreed to by the mana Cruising Club and the GWRC Harbours team.

The team will go over the theoretical side of the process on tuesday evening and will review the SOP and how it actually worked on the day.  Any revisions will go onto the current SOP which can be seen on the website.

397 litres of petrol was delivered into TPR bring her up to a full operating lopad of 850 litres.  Tghe whole procedure took just over 20  minutes.

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