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Practical Training 02/02/2010

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Tue, 02/02/2010

Hopefully we will see quite a few of you tonight when we will be going through the new way we plan to run call-outs and SAR work and also talk about specialisation of roles and the new protector.


  • New call-out procedure discussed. There is now a dedicated SAR team who are the first point of contact for a call-out from the Police through the first-level pagers. They will then page all crew, including the Masters, who will respond to the base ready to be briefed on the incident and get out on the water.
  • Planning for pickup of Protector from Wanganui. 3 out of the 6 people that volunteered were picked at random to crew the vessel back, along with the Master and Training Master (5 in total). Gear was prepared and packed in the 4WD ready to depart first thing Monday morning.
  • Medical emergency role-play enacted without any warning, involving a subject with broken bones and one with a heart condition.
  • Pelorus pulled out of water and cleaned.
  • 4WD vehicle washed down to remove salt spray.
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