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Dinghy caught out by conditions

Posted by Mark Presling
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Operation Details
Wed, 30/12/2020 - 14:00 - 15:00
Operation Type: 
CG Operation (good samaritan)
People Assisted: 
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Whilst having lunch we heard a radio call with MOC from a dinghy that had nearly capsized crossing from Titahi Bay to Mana Island due to wind increasing unexpectedly. They had lost their kayak, which they were carrying on the dinghy, and had decided to beach it at the ranger station on Mana Island to wait for the conditions to improve before returning. A couple of vessels found the kayak and radioed MOC with the details. One of the vessels recovered it and returned it to Mana Marina. As the conditions were not improving after 1 hour we headed out to investigate whether they were still there. Upon arriving at the beach the couple quickly jumped into their dinghy and told MOC that because we were there they would start the crossing. We escorted them across to Titahi Bay to ensure they did not have any problems on the way.


41° 5' 33.558" S, 174° 47' 8.5704" E
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