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Support Vessel Tuia 250 Marlborough Sounds

Posted by Trevor Burgess
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Operation Details
Fri, 22/11/2019 - 06:30 - 12:30
Operation Type: 
CG Operation (good samaritan)
People Assisted: 
Total Volunteer Hours: 

Launched at Picton Marina Boat Ramp and went to Bluebridge Coastguard berth.  Left and followed to Kumitoto Bay.  Came alongside Spirit of Wellington, confirmed latest briefing and awaited Endevour to raise anchor.

Took up position mid point port side of Endevour and the following Waka in line with Bluebride Rescue on the bow of the Endevour port side roughly 150 to 200 Metres off the Endevour.  Both Sprit of Wellington and Talleys Marine Rescue were on the Starboard side.  This created the exclusion zone which we maintained all the way to Picton.

A couple of incidents where vessels entered the exclusion zone were quickly dealt to by MR2.  There were apptoximately 200 vessels in the flotilla from small craft to large (60+ foot) commercial vessels.

On berthing of Endevour and Spirit of New Zealand Coastguard were stood down.


Kumutoto Bay 41° 13' 4.6884" S, 174° 3' 49.6008" E
Picton Marins boat ramp 41° 17' 20.13" S, 174° 0' 30.6108" E
Allports Island 41° 14' 22.1712" S, 174° 3' 34.7688" E
Vessel Details

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