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Runabout swamped on the beach

Posted by Mark Presling
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Operation Details
Sun, 04/08/2019 - 12:45 - 15:00
Operation Type: 
CG Operation (good samaritan)
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A 15' runabout was swamped on the beach at Green Bay after pulling up on the beach. A wave, larger than normal, took them by surprise and swamped the boat. They were able to bail it out but by the time they had done that the waves were pushing the boat further up the beach and they were unable to get away.

They were able to make a call out to Coastguard and the Mana unit was activated to assist. We were able to reverse Mana Rescue 1 in towards the beach, keeping the bow into the waves that were coming into the bay, and throw them a line. 

With the towline attached the 2 people and 1 dog climbed into the boat and we gently pulled them off the beach into the water. Unfortunately the dog decided it would rather risk it on shore and jumped out! The man had to jump out of the boat, recover the dog and put it back into the boat - all while we were trying to hold station keeping the boat just off the shore, but within range for him to climb back in. 

Once we got them out to deep water we pulled him alongside to check their condition. He was able to get the motor started, so we decided that as the conditions were worsening quite rapidly that he would be better to motor back in to the bridges under his own power (ie, at speed). 


Green Bay 41° 6' 44.496" S, 174° 48' 26.154" E
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