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Smasher salvage operation

Posted by Trevor Farmer
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Operation Details
Thu, 21/01/2016 - 00:05 - 20:30
Operation Type: 
CG Operation (good samaritan)
People Assisted: 
Total Volunteer Hours: 

This salvage task followed on from the resuce operation of the morning.  MR1 carried a salvage crew and Smashers owner out to the island to do a damage assesment and then repair work.

MR1 was standing by the operation for salvage crew safety and sea support. some transfer tasks were carried out for materiel and personel, before Smasher was seaworthy and the boat was able to be pulled (astern) off the shore and the tow line transferred to the bow for a tow into safe water where the boats were rafted up and Smasher was delivered to the liftout dock.

Vessel Details

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