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Sunken boat recovered by Coastguard Mana

Posted by Mark Presling
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Operation Details
Sat, 05/02/2011 - 10:00 - 12:30
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A 16ft fibreglass boat sank about 300 metres off shore just north of Titahi Bay this morning just before 10am. Coastguard Mana responded immediately and was on scene by 10:15am. The four men on board the vessel, aged 21 to 40,  managed to swim to shore and climb up onto the rocks. One of the men climbed onto a large rock and was unable to easily reach the shore and was assisted by emergency services on the shore where he was treated for mild hypothermia.

Only 0.5m of the bow of the vessel was left poking out of the water and Coastguard Mana volunteers aboard the rescue vessel CRV Pelorus managed to attach a towline to the bow and tow the vessel onto the sandy beach in Titahi Bay. Coastguard Mana crew members then entered the water and collected belongings that had floated out of the vessel once it reached shore. A local resident provided assistance by towing the boat further up the beach with his tractor where it was then bailed out and re-floated.


Location of sinking 41° 5' 57.5088" S, 174° 49' 51.204" E
Vessel taken under tow 41° 6' 14.3892" S, 174° 49' 41.7792" E
Vessel landed on beach 41° 6' 10.6344" S, 174° 50' 7.8108" E
Vessel Details

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