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Replacement Vessel

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Vessel changes over timeVessel changes over time 

Coastguard Mana's primary rescue vessel "Trust Porirua Rescue", the 12.5m Rayglass Protector, is about to be replaced in October 2014. It is currently on loan to us from Coastguard New Zealand to replace the ageing Waveney class lifeboat that we had used since 1998 until 2009.

It is a 12.5m Rayglass Protector that was used during the 2000 Louis Vuitton challenger series in Auckland in it's previous life and has struggled to cope with the rough conditions of the Mana and Cook Strait area as it has a very flat bottom that is designed for easy planing on flat waters. It was recently pulled from service by a surveyor and we have had to scramble to find a replacement vessel ready for the busy summer period of 2014/2015.


We have secured the purchase of a second-hand purpose built rescue vessel currently named "HR1" from Coastguard Howick. While this vessel is smaller than TPR at just 9.5m it is expected to be significantly more capable of dealing with the often dangerous conditions that the Cook Strait area has to offer.

More information to come...

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