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60HP outboard stolen from rescue vessel

31 Aug 2014
Posted by Mark Presling
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Coastguard Mana has been taken out of action by thieves!

Thieves have shut down our Unit overnight Sat 30 Aug by stealing an outboard motor from the back of our small rescue vessel "CRV Pelorus". The 60HP motor was unbolted from the back of the rescue boat during the night and removed through a hole cut in the fence around the Mana Marina boat park.

This couldn't have come at a worse time for the Unit and the local boating community as our large rescue vessel Trust Porirua Rescue has been taken out of service permanently due to structural issues (more details to be provided on this soon).

This means that our primary role of "Saving lives at sea" can no longer be fulfilled. We are now stuck high and dry on land with no sea-worthy vessel to respond to callouts with. Not only are we out of service for a while, but the insurance excess is going to be in the order of $3000 which will almost cripple our volunteer based, charitable organisation.

We hope that on a stunning day like today where there are a large number of boaties getting out on the water for the first time after the winter months that nobody runs into trouble... because we can't rescue you* or your loved ones I'm sorry :(

We have attached a number of photos to a post on our Facebook page so that you can share this information with as many people as possible in the vain hope that someone may have some information relating to this theft. Please help us recover this vital piece of life-saving equipment or at least catch the perpetrators of such a brazen and inconsiderate theft.

* If you or someone you know is in trouble dial 111 and ask for Police. They are aware of our situation and we are working together with them to find alternative solutions

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