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13 Oct 2009
Posted by Mark Presling
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Information for members/stakeholders – October 2009

NZAS Rescue: 12.5m ProtectorNZAS Rescue: 12.5m Protector

The unit is expecting the arrival of a new vessel within the next few weeks.

A 12.5 metre Protector has been provided by Coastguard (National) as a loan vessel for 2-3 years while the unit raises funds for a permanent replacement for the Waveney.  The boat, NZAS Rescue, has been in operation in Fouveaux Strait and our brothers and sisters at Bluff are sorry to see her going.  The new vessel will require a new way of operating from everyone, masters and crew, as it presents a radically different performance signature (speed and handling characteristics) from the displacement vessel it replaces.  Biggest factor – cruising speed around 20 knots (twice as fast as the Waveney).  Top speed – in ideal conditions – nearly 40 knots.  The arrival of the loan vessel presents an  opportunity for the unit to re-energize, re-commit to the task of protecting the sea-going public in our area of operation, and put Coastguard back in the public eye.



As the Protector has petrol powered outboards (2 X 300 horsepower), new arrangements have been worked through with Coastguard Central Region.  A company called Northfuels will refuel the vessel via tanker - either periodically when the tanks are low or as required during an incident.  Northfuels have spoken to the Council and have all the appropriate safety certification, etc.



Trust Porirua Rescue: Waveney Class Life BoatTrust Porirua Rescue: Waveney Class Life BoatWith The 12.5m Protector on its way, the Waveney has been put up for sale through Picton Marine Brokers.  The boat will be listed on their website which automatically links through to TradeMe.  Funds from the sale will go towards the permanent replacement 12.8m Naiad.  We have already received an enquiry through TradeMe.


CRV Pelorus

CRV Pelorus: undefinedCRV Pelorus: undefined

We welcome Pelorus back from Auckland with a completely new hull and bags.  A couple of minor issues and an additional new safety cover for the cables where they exit the deck under the engine are required before she re-enters full-time service and receives SSM signoff.  The combination of Pelorus and the Protector gives the unit a much improved response capability.  All operational members  are requested to ensure they take advantage of the upcoming practical training sessions to ensure familiarity with the vessels and brush up on any skills which may have become  “rusty”.  Attending the monthly module training sessions will also ensure your knowledge is current.



A large measure of thanks must go to the Mana Community Grants Foundation.  They have agreed to provide funding again this year which is up on previous years.  The unit acknowledges the work of Phil Pollero (Regional Office) and Chris Henshaw who worked through these processes and met with MCGF to maintain the unit’s profile.



Coastguard New Zealand has implemented a new online ordering and purchasing system where the unit can buy items such as flares, lifejackets, batteries, wet weather clothing, etc.  After placing the order, the goods are dispatched within about 7 days direct to the unit.   Regional office assists in the processing and holds a small credit balance in Mana’s account.  Some replacement flares will be obtained using this system.


Coastguard New Zealand Annual Conference

Chris Henshaw represented the Unit recently at this year’s conference held in Christchurch.  Chris attended a number of sessions which dealt with how prepared are we as an organisation and unit to react when things go wrong for our people, TracPlus, tasking and Coastguard as ‘one organisation’.  He will be able to provide a brief at the Unit’s AGM.  As the winner of last year’s Operational Volunteer of the Year award, Chris was required to make a presentation to over 240 people at Friday night’s opening dinner detailing his experiences from the award trip representing Coastguard New Zealand and Coastguard Mana during the week he spent with the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard.


Summer Training

Please keep an eye on your email and the Coastguard Mana website for details of practical on-the-water training and the regular SAR module classroom sessions.


Training Programme for Students

Plans to provide training opportunities for young people in our community are well advanced.  Unit training officer, Paul Craven, and President Laurie Watkins have been involved in the planning for this and an announcement will follow very shortly.


AGM notification

The Unit’s AGM has been scheduled for Sunday 06 December at the Mana Cruising Club.  More information and Management Committee nomination forms will be posted out shortly.

Chris Reid


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